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How to choose GrandMfg's sight glass!

How to choose a right GrandMfg sight glass for your application?

We should consider of the working condition and your equipment when you choose a sight glass.There are many factors.It is not a easy

1) Working temperature range:

Include two temperature:Device placement temperature and the liquid inside temperature when your device working.

2) Max working pressure.

It means the sight glass should be working max pressure.

3) Working humidity

Different metals have different anti-corrosion properties. You can choose the right metal sight glass to meet your application. For example, You can choose stainless steel 304 or 316 when your devices will place on the seaside.

4) Choose the right body of sigh glass

A) Function,metal preform and preference

B) Metal density. Such as:Aluminum is have low density.It is better for automobile's lightweight requirements

C) Metal should be friendly with the liquid size or the liquid should be use for testing or washing your devices during the processing of production.

5) Seal working temperature range

Different seal have different working temperature range and the friendly liquid. To avoid liquid corrosion to sealing rubber.

If you more help,please feel free to conact us. Tonyliu2007@126.com www.grand-mfg.com 

You can get more help or solutions for your demands!GranMfg Brand sight glass covered all of the metal and thread type sight glass. Not only for oil but also other liquid for viewing.

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